Marie Fritjofs historia:
Att kunna rida igen.

Jill aims to improve her knee injury, which has been aggravated by being overweight. She is almost half way to her goal weight and feels that this increases her chance to start running again soon and survive as she will avoid a host of complications that otherwise come with being overweight.

Namn och ålder: Marie Fritjof, 54 år

Bor: I Kungsbacka, söder om Göteborg, tillsammans med min sambo, son och hund.

Arbetar som: Community Moderator på Yazen. Det är fantastiskt att få vara med att hjälpa andra att hitta rätt väg och få den hjälp jag fått. Bort med skuld och skam och fram för modern vetenskap och aktuell kunskap.

Passion: Att få sitta vid pysselbordet och vara kreativ, samt att tillbringa timmar i stallet med allt vad det innebär att ha häst.

Livsfilosofi: “Don’t follow your dreams, chase them”

Viktminskning: 30 kg

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"Soon I'll get back in the saddle!"

Marie Fritjof had given up and accepted that she would remain overweight for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, her excess weight had caused a host of health problems, including high blood pressure, snoring at night, acid reflux and gout. After trying all sorts of diets and being diagnosed with chronic fatigue, she was tipped by a colleague to try Yazen.

Normal blood pressure
Free from gout
Stopped snoring
Easier to move around

"Nothing can stop me now!"

Linda has been on a journey with her weight her whole life. She tried every diet out there and felt shame about her obesity. She made the decision to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery and lost 50 kg. After starting to gain weight again, she got in touch with Yazen and began treatment. Linda has lost 20 kg and feels more energetic and happier than ever!

Reached her dream weight
Proud of herself
No shame