Wigan, Britain's 'fattest town,' faces a severe obesity crisis. Discover how Yazen Health offers safe and effective programs to address weight issues and promote well-being.

Wigan has been named Britain's obesity capital, with nearly 40% of its population classified as obese and over 70% considered overweight.

This alarming trend highlights the broader national issue, as Britain struggles with high obesity rates compared to other G7 countries. Factors such as junk food advertising, processed food availability, and lifestyle choices contribute to the crisis, which significantly strains the NHS and impacts the economy.

In response to this crisis, the local authority in Wigan has implemented weight loss schemes, including exercise and nutrition classes for families. Despite these efforts, obesity remains a pervasive problem. Male life expectancy in Wigan is 77 years, nearly two years lower than the national average, indicating the severe impact of obesity on health.

Researchers have noted the annual cost of obesity to the UK economy at £100 billion, partly due to obesity-related worklessness. The government has introduced measures such as a soft drinks industry levy, calorie labelling, and funding for children's sports to combat the issue. However, myths persist about whether obesity is a disease or a lifestyle choice. A survey by Yazen Health revealed that over a third of Brits believe obesity is a lifestyle choice, underscoring the need for better education and understanding.

Recent studies suggest that the threshold for detecting obesity should be lowered for middle-aged and older adults, as body composition changes with age can lead to higher body fat at lower BMI’s. This would help detect more people at risk of obesity-related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.

At Yazen Health, we recognise the complexity of obesity and are committed to addressing it through comprehensive, safe, and effective health programmes. Our approach includes thorough health screenings, personalised nutrition and exercise plans, and ongoing support to ensure long-term success. We prioritise patient education and responsible treatment to combat obesity and promote overall well-being. Our goal is to provide the tools and support necessary for sustainable health improvements, helping individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight safely and effectively.

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