The Yazen model: Obesity care through a comprehensive digital approach integrating medical treatment, lifestyle intervention, and social support

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The Yazen model: Obesity care through a holistic digital approach integrating medical treatment, lifestyle intervention, and social support

Martin Henrik Carlsson, Elinor Medhammar, Linda Cronberg, Erik Dunåker, Magnus Nyhlén, Elin Skoglund, Calle Mauritzson, Angelica Brandelius. Yazen Health AB.

Obesity is a chronic disease that requires a multifaceted and multidisciplinary treatment approach. Continuous care is necessary for effective and convenient management and must be aligned with the preferences and lifestyles of each patient.

The Yazen model combines modern medical treatment, lifestyle intervention, and support from a health coach and specialized team, all facilitated through a digital platform. The digital approach enhances accessibility, allowing patients to receive personalized care, monitor progress, access resources and join a supportive community conveniently within the app. The Yazen model has proven to be effective in providing rapid weight loss and maintenance as well as improving health-related cardiometabolic factors. Currently (January 2024), roughly 10,000 Swedish persons living with obesity are treated with the Yazen model.

The model includes an educational program, known as Change, it aims to empower patients through knowledge about obesity and the necessary tools for making sustainable lifestyle changes. Change provides patients with information and challenges related to dietary habits, physical activity, and mental health, encouraging self-care and facilitating informed decision-making. The program is divided into 10 modules, containing facts, challenges and reflections that the patients work through at their own pace. It contains helpful tools for self-monitoring and gamification elements such as quizzes and rewards to promote active participation in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Patients are encouraged to set personal goals alongside continuous coaching, support, and medical supervision from a health coach and medical professional. This all happens through asynchronous text-based communication. The health coach has a professional license within the healthcare field, such as a nurse, dietitian or physiotherapist, ensuring a professional and qualified approach. This team-based model also involves specialists such as psychologists, and personal trainers, each contributing expertise to address the diverse elements of obesity management. The digital platform facilitates high accessibility, providing instant treatment and support to patients.

The word ‘together’ is central to the Yazen model, recognising the importance of support from fellow patients. The app includes a community where patients can connect with others on a similar journey, share experiences, and provide encouragement. The community is also a place where healthcare experts can contribute valuable information and inspiration. The "together" guiding principle permeates the entire Yazen treatment, emphasizing a collaborative approach with the patient.

In summary, the Yazen model goes beyond traditional methods, providing patients with the tools to manage their disease, addressing medical and behavioral aspects, education and social support through a digital platform for accessible, continuous and effective weight loss and management.

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Martin Carlsson
April 11, 2024

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The Yazen model: Obesity care through a comprehensive digital approach integrating medical treatment, lifestyle intervention, and social support
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