For most people, sustained weight loss has been impossible.
Until now.

Try the new era of weight loss with a treatment team and medication.

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Discover the new way of weight loss control with medication.

Marie Fritjof had given up and accepted that she would remain overweight for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, her excess weight had caused a host of health problems, including high blood pressure, snoring at night, acid reflux and gout. After trying all sorts of diets and being diagnosed with chronic fatigue, she was tipped by a colleague to try Yazen.

"Soon I'll get back in the saddle!"

Linda has been on a journey with her weight her whole life. She tried every diet out there and felt shame about her obesity. She made the decision to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery and lost 50 kg. After starting to gain weight again, she got in touch with Yazen and began treatment. Linda has lost 20 kg and feels more energetic and happier than ever!

"Nothing can stop me now!"

Daniel Küng rocked the weight loss with Yazen! He lost a whopping 34 kilos! With the help of our doctors, psychologists, dieticians and personal trainers, Daniel will soon reach his target weight and a BMI under 25.

"I lost 34 kilos and will hopefully avoid diabetes!"

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